We know the structure of the wedding tent.

Good Design is a Good Start

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About Us

As a professional tent company, we are always striving for the best solution to provide our customers with the perfect wedding tent.

With more than 15 years of experience in metal production, from design to production and distribution.

We still follow the advanced manufacturing concepts of Western countries and integrate mature production systems to achieve the goal of "tent integration".

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Now we have the ability to make wedding tents of all types and sizes, so we can meet the various requirements of our customers, such as A-frame tents, pagoda tents and so on.

We also offer tailor-made to meet every customer's vision of a wedding tent. When you try to buy a wedding tent, we can provide you with a design, interior mix and financial advice.

Good Team, Good Company

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Our Team,Our Company

With high quality, independent innovation and safe and convenient, more customers have chosen us. This also motivates us to do better in the wedding tent.

We always welcome new and old customers to come to consult and bring you a satisfactory wedding tent experience!