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Pagoda Wedding Tent

Pagoda Wedding Tent

The pagoda tent is the intersection between the frame tent and the tent. They are designed to give you a spectacular look with a high pole tent without any center pole.

The pagoda tent series measures 3x3 meters, 4x4 meters, and the side height is 2.5 meters. The two-slot 48x84x2.5mm aluminum alloy pipe is used as the bracket.

The 5x5m, 6x6m and 10x10m pagoda tents have a standard side height of 2.5m and are supported by a four-slot 48x105x3.5mm aluminum alloy with a wind resistance of 80 km/h.

If your needs are unique, we can design and build custom structures based on your needs. Whether it's customizing tents to match your website or building your vision from scratch, we'll tailor the dream tent to your vision.

Pagoda Wedding Tent





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